Best Galaxy S9/ S9 Plus Waterproof Cases 2018

Samsung is back in the news and this time they’re up with something that might echo their name throughout the tech fraternity, the Galaxy S9. Samsung’s newest offering comes with specs that set the benchmark in the current market offerings and it’s no doubt that it will be a huge seller come the availability of the phone.

But we’re not just here to talk about the phone, are we? A smartphone offering comes closely related with ordeals of things that seem indispensable to it. Phone cases are one such thing that is on top of everyone’s demand list as soon as the phone is got hold of.

But there are multiple types of cases that fit for their distinctive occasions. If you’re one of those who happens to dive into adventures kind of like surfing, swimming, and a whole lot of other activities with your phone alongside, then waterproof cases must have crossed your mind along. We’ll be dealing with the same over here as we look through the best galaxy S9 waterproof cases around.

Join in as we look through the multitude of options around for ‘Best Galaxy S9 Waterproof cases’.

1) Samsung S9 Waterproof FRE Case by Lifeproof

Ranked at the top of the list is the one from Lifeproof, a company synonymous for developing best waterproof cases. This one modeled as FRE comes with a submersible option up to 2-meter for up to 1 hr.

The case has drop-proof design and can ward off snow and dust with ease. It comes with a year of warranty. The case doesn’t hinder any performance orientation for the phone. It comes in four color options.

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2) Samsung S9 Waterproof Case, Ghostek Atomic 3 Series

The second one in the list is from Ghostek designated as Ghostek Atomic 3 series. The case comes with strong alloy and aluminum bumper along with heavy duty touch sensitive screen guard which is fully scratch resistant.

It is touch ID compatible and comes with easily access to buttons and more. It can be dropped to 1-meter-deep and for 30 minutes. It comes in six different color options.

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3) Samsung S9 Waterproof Case by Meritcase

This case comes with the IP68 standard for waterproof safety and can be shielded for 1 hour at a depth of 2 meters. The case has a shockproof and dirt-proof design and comes with built-in screen protector with quick responsive touch screen access.

The case has speaker vents on the top for clear sound quality and has been one of the top sellers around. It comes in two color variants.

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4) Samsung S9 Waterproof Fully Sealed Case by Caka 

A perfect piece for your adventure outings, this case comes with IP68 standard waterproof feature and can withstand any of shocks, dust, dirt and more. The case can help protect the phone up to 6.6 ft. at fully submerged.

The case comes with perfect cutouts and has built-in screen protector for better safety. It further comes with non-permeable membranes speaker and microphone cover vents allowing clear sound through it. It comes in four different color options. Definitely, one to look out for in terms of best galaxy S9 waterproof cases.

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5) Samsung S9 Waterproof Case by Pandawell

A perfect fit for the Samsung Galaxy S9, this one from Pandawell comes with IP68 waterproof feature and has a fully sealed design. The case offers protection from the water up to 6.6 feet deep.

It has polycarbonate body that supports the frame and helps keep the phone away from snow, ice, dust and other particles. It comes with full access to the buttons and control options and offers clear display on the front.

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6) Samsung S9 Waterproof, Crash-proof Case by Eazewell

A special offering from Eazewell, this case offers waterproof facility for your Samsung Galaxy S9 with its IP68 certified feature. The case has frost-proof, dustproof, a waterproof and sand-proof design that helps keep the phone in its best conditions as always.

It comes with water resistance up to 6.6 ft. deep and has military standard precision. The case is quite easy to install and use for. It comes in seven different color options.

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7) Samsung S9 Waterproof Heavy Duty Case by iThrough  

With a waterproof submersible option to a depth of 2 meters, this case is the one that shall help you around in your adventures. The case comes with ultra-flat screen protection and has TPU material offering the protection inside.

The case offers you front and back protection against water, sand, dust and more. It also allows the user to access all the options on the mobile without compromising on the functions.

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8) Samsung Galaxy S9 Waterproof Ultra Slim Case by Vcloo

Next up on our list is the one from Vcloo with their ultra slim waterproof case that offers ultra-tight waterproof feature along with carrying convenience. The case has a unique design that perfectly goes along with the Samsung Galaxy S9 and has full protection around.

It comes with ultra-flat screen protection and offers clear sound outputs. The case is fully submersible up to the IP68 standards and has a shockproof and dust proof feature alongside. A perfect budget option for best galaxy S9 waterproof cases.

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9) Samsung S9 Waterproof Fully Sealed Case by Sparin

This case is designed by Sparin and comes with a waterproof and snowproof feature that can handle submerge into water up to 2 meters for an hour. The case has IP68 standards and is also shockproof and dust-proof alongside.

It has easy access to the buttons and controls and offers clear sound with no obstruction on it. It has TPE membrane that allows for easy and intuitive touch ID access.

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10) Samsung S9 Waterproof Case Dry Bag Pouch by Mpow 

Lastly on our list is a universal dry bag pouch that acts perfectly as a waterproof case for devices up to 6-inch. This one IPX8 certified and can be fully submersible in the water. The case is known to handle roughest of conditions.

It has a free operation and can be used even under water without any difficulty. The case is also multifunctional and offers easy snap and lock system.

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Waterproof cases seem a great option to invest in for if you want to indulge into adventures without having to let go of your smartphone. Your smartphone can accompany you anywhere out there even in the rugged of terrains and to the deepest of waters all thanks to ‘Best Galaxy S9 Waterproof Cases. And isn’t that something we all yearn for. You’ve got your answer now, go get one of these for your newest phone. lets check best galaxy s9 case

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