Best Leather Cases for Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus

The big news has been announced, isn’t it? Samsung Galaxy S9, the flagship module is finally going to hit the market in a few days’ time now. That’s one heck of a good news for all the smartphone fanatics out there.

The phone is rendered to have the best-looking design and feel of any smartphone till date. The added onus of infinity display and all those benchmark settings feature is sure to make it quite irresistible.

But the thing is along with the phone, there would be ample need for cases and covers. For long we’ve looked at cases that just fit their purpose and satisfy our quest with a minor one. But doesn’t Samsung Galaxy S9 deserve better? Oh yes, it does. So off we are in search of premium leather cases that mark a newer style enigma than the rest

Read along as we present you the Best Galaxy S9 Leather Cases in today’s entry of ours. Go on.

1) Samsung S9 Leather Flip Case by iPulse  

Made out of premium quality Italian leather, this case comes with flip support and has a beautiful looking aesthetic appeal. The case has excellent handmade details adding a vintage feel to it.

It is strengthened by stitches and comes with precise cuts for buttons and more. The flip function offers stand feature for the case. It also has a wallet functionality for storing ID cards and money. The case comes in three color variants.

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2) Samsung S9 Leather Wallet Case by Brussardo

Next, up is the case from Brussardo made with high-quality Italian cowhide leather. The case has a full protective design for your dear phone and offers quite a feel. It has sophisticated leather that ages well and comes as a designer look.

It combines both the wallet and a case into one and offers a lifelong support. It is available in five color variants.

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3) Samsung S9 Premium Leather Case by Melkco  

A premium offering from Melko, this comes with a genuine leather composition and has a smooth and light feel to it. It offers durability and has a magnetic closure to close the case.

The case offers ample protection against any drops, dust, and scratches and comes with an added option of doubling up as a wallet. It has card slots for ID’s, cards and cash. The case is available in three different color variants.

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4) Samsung S9 Leather Case by Mujjo   

Coming in next up on our list is the one from Mujjo. Mujjo has long been heralded for their exquisite offerings of premium cases and they don’t disappoint on this one too. The case is made up of high-quality leather and has a great feel to it.

It has an inner lining of the soft suede layer for the better presence and offers cutouts for accessing the functionality of buttons and camera. The case is available only in black color variant as of now.

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5) Samsung S9 Hector Leather Case by Krusell

This one is a Hector Leather Case and is offered by Krusell, a known name in genuine leather offerings. The case comes with handcrafted quality leather and is precisely stitched for a better fit.

It has smooth and glossy texture on the outside and soft suede lining in the inner area. The case is supported by a magnetic closure and has fixed belt loops for attaching it to belts.

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6) Samsung S9 Premium Leather Case by Olixar

One from the catalog of Olixar, this one comes with a premium leather fit sourced from the Tuscany region of Italy. The case has elegantly stitched design and has textured pattern for better feel

It has a soft microfiber inner layer for scratch free installation. The case is lightweight and has added cutouts for buttons and sensors.

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7) Samsung S9 Napa Vegan Leather Case by Moshi

A specifically tailored option for Samsung Galaxy S9, this one is offered by Moshi. The Napa Vegan leather case has is made up of elegant materials and comes with hybrid construction for better support and protection.

The leather backing adds up a classy touch to the case and offers better feel to the users. The case has cutouts for accessing the buttons, camera, and sensors. It is available only in black color at present.

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8) Samsung Galaxy S9 Leather Case by VRS Design

Want to add a touch of modern genesis without wanting to be too glittery and vibrant, then this case is definitely one for you. The case has been designed by VRS Design and comes with simplified mod feel. It has a combination of two premium materials into one for offering an artistic feel to the case.

The case offers a style statement with this simplistic yet rich full-color tone and is the one you’d love to flaunt all day long. It has precise cuts for allowing the user to access the buttons and sensors. The case is pretty slim and lightweight to carry around. It is available in two color variants at present.

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9) Samsung S9 Genuine Leather Case by PhoneNatic

This one comes with a genuine leather texture and has a silky soft inner layer for better protection. The leather on the outside will help protect the phone against any dirt, scratches and more.

It comes with optimal fitting with precise accuracy for the connectors and speakers. The case also has a stand feature for landscape option.

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10) Samsung S9 Flip Leather Case by JGOO

One from the offerings list of JGOO, this one in a leather material with a flip base for stand and landscape option. It has a detachable leather case and is supported by hard PC shell on the inside. The case comes with magnetic snap for protection.

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It has precision fit allowing easy access to any of ports, buttons, sensors and camera. The case offers a card holder facility with 4 card slots and 1 photo slot. You can also swap in the card for cash and ID’s to hold them along in need. Well, that’s all from us on this one. We’ll be back with another one the next time. Adios. Check all the best galaxy s9 plus case on my site.

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