Best Galaxy S9 Battery Cases

Samsung and their range of premium offerings. Never cease to surprise do they? With their recent unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S9, they went up a notch in the current flagship smartphone genesis around.

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 comes with great specs that cannot be rivaled for at present. It offers great intuitive features. However, whenever there’s a thought for a new phone, amidst all the fine offerings, a thing that remains one of the most important components of a smartphone takes back seat. We’re talking about ‘The Battery’ to be precise.

Battery is a vital component of the smartphone as it powers the functionality of it. But as much as we hate to say, just the normal battery capacity doesn’t work out the whole day. In times as such, we open depend upon battery cases. And that’s what we’re going through today. A list of the all the exuberant battery cases around.

Join in as we look through the multitude of options around for ‘Best Galaxy S9 Battery cases’.

1) Samsung S9 8500 mAh Battery Case by ZeroLemon   

Placed on top our list is one of the most powerful battery cases around with a whopping capacity of 8500 mAh. The case is offered by ZeroLemon and comes with full edge TPU case for better protection of the phone. The case has 4 LED lights offering indication on battery levels.

It has quick charge 2.0 support and its specially designed external option allows the charging of other devices simultaneously. The case comes with a warranty of 180 days.

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2) Samsung S9 5000 mAh Battery Case by Trianium

One of the best selling options around for best galaxy S9 battery cases, this one comes with a 5000 mAh power capacity and is offered by Trianium. The case has a 360-degree bumper design with a hard shell that offers protection to the device.

The case is backed by Trianium Atomic Pro Fast charging that charges pretty quickly and has a sync-through technology further upon. It also comes with LED power indicator lights that offer you an indication of your power status. The case has lifetime hassle-free warranty.

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3) Samsung S9 4500 mAh Battery Case by UNU  

The third one on our list is from UNU with their 4500 mAh battery case. The case comes with a MicroUSB port that allows for the input of charge and also has lighting output port. The case can be synced with the phone allowing the phone to be charged even while encased.

It comes with a two-piece design that allows a full protection of your phone against any scratches, bumps and more. There’s LED battery indicator allowing the information on the battery levels. The case comes with one year of warranty.

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4) Samsung S9 4500 mAh Battery Case by PowerBear

This case is an offering of PowerBear and comes with a mammoth 4500 mAh battery power. The case has dual charging compatibility for your phone and the case battery so that you won’t have to remove the case for charging your phone.

The case has an easy to use design and offers grade A+ battery for usage. The case is protected against any overheating, short circuits and more. The case has 24 months of warranty.

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5) Samsung S9 4500 mAh Battery Case by Trianium

Another one from Trianium in our list for best galaxy S9 battery cases, this case comes with a lesser power capacity than the one we aforementioned earlier. The case has a 4500 mAh power capacity and comes with re-enforced Micro-USB port.

The case has 360-degree comprehensive bumper design along with hard shell that allows for full-proof protection against any bumps, drops, and scratches. The case also has Trianium Atomic Pro Fast charge option that charges it pretty quickly.

The case has LED light indicator and comes with lifetime hassle-free warranty.

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6) Samsung S9 4500 mAh Fast Charger Battery Case by Press Play

Powered with a 4500 mAh Li-polymer battery that can be recharged over and over again, this case is a fine offering from Press Play. The case comes with quick charge 2.0 compatibility and has ultra slim protection for your phone.

The case offers sync-thru technology that allows for your phone to be charged without the need to get it removed from the case. The case also has a LED power indicator that offers you insight on the remaining battery. It comes with a Lifetime warranty.

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7) Samsung S9 4500 mAh Slim Battery Case by Alpatronix   

A product offering from the lineage of Alpatronix, this case comes with a large 4500 mAh battery power and is built perfectly for the Galaxy S9 model. The case has an ultra slim design that offers 360-degree protection and has raised front bumper for protection.

It has cutouts for accessing the buttons, sensors, and camera. The case comes with easy hassle free installation and has a lifetime warranty.

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8) Samsung Galaxy S9 5200 mAh Battery Case by Meritcase

This one comes from Meritcase, a popular name in the phone case niche. The case has a larger power capacity than many other variants out there as its rests a 5200 mAh capacity with it.

The case comes with 3-in-1 function and offers intelligent protection to the phone. The case is made out of durable ABS material that offers longevity. It has safe and fast charging enabled onto it that makes it fully charged in just a few hrs. The case also has a foldable stand on the back side for 45-degree viewing.

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9) Samsung S9 Ultra Slim 5200 mAh Battery Case by Coofunf

Placed at ninth is another of those powerful cases around with a 5200 mAh battery capacity. This case is offered by Coofunf and is designed specifically for the Galaxy S9. The case has a Lithium-polymer battery and comes with support charge for both the phone and the case.

The case has LED power indicator and has a strong protective shield for safety too.

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10) Samsung S9 4200 mAh Battery Case Pack by Savfy

Lastly on our list for the Best Galaxy S9 Battery Cases is the one from Savfy with its 4200 mAh case. The case comes with a 4-LED indicator for power indication and has protective case design for better safety of the phone.

The case is slim and can be fitted to the hand conveniently. It further comes with battery safety protection against overcharge, reverse charge, over voltage, over-current, and short circuit.

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Battery cases have long been our savor and they continue so. Rather than depending solely on the lesser capacity of the phone, these cases allows us to fully engross into our work without causing a chaos of those annoying ‘low battery’ notifications. Go on, get one of these and be free of those annoying ‘charge it everyday’ schedules.

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