Best Galaxy Note 9 Battery Cases

As long as you are packed with good battery life while using your favourite phone, you do not have any hassle on staying connected as much as you can. For this you can go for, Galaxy Note 9 Battery case which is extra functional and makes you be more prompt in keeping your phone supercharged at the time of need. You are not only getting good battery backup for your phone but also getting good source of safety through its density and thickness being lightweight too.

Best Galaxy Note 9 battery Cases

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is best smartphone you will get to see in the market so it can be possible that excessive use of the phone will not be sufficient to keep your phone charged. So to save your phone from ditching you in full day use, you need to dive into the options below:

Best Galaxy Note 9 Battery Case

1. Mophie Juice Pack for Galaxy Note 9

This battery case from Morphie has come as blessing for your new phone whose battery backup is not so satisfactory. It is empowered with 2950 mAh and providing full protection to your phone from all sides. You are getting everything from this wonderful battery case as it is having built-in magnets align and 60 % extra charging gives you more 46 hours to stay connected on phone. This battery case with wireless charging is easy to use or you can connect through USB-C cable and wall charger. The raised corner ensures full protection from scratches to the screen and so durable. This is having LED indicator to show the battery status for charging. This battery case is having lower capacities in this list but still get your all necessary job done when it comes to keep your phone safe from being dead.  You can stay powerful when you travel or stay home.

2. Cellphonez Battery Case for Galaxy Note 9

This battery case for Galaxy Note 9 is outstanding in keeping your phone supercharged. It is having built-in 6500 mAh Li-Polymer rechargeable battery which can provide 140 % extra backup to your Note 9. This battery case is made of hard plastic layering with matte finish which can protect your phone from scratches, bumps and daily hurdles. It is having built-in safeguards system which is mark of safety from over charging, over-heating and other accidental approach indeed. Its perfect fit has all precise cut outs to avail all the features of the phone with ease. The quick response in calling and while talking no hassle keeps you away from all troubles. This phone battery case is lightweight and its case will remain as new as forever until or unless not being hurt harder. It offers bit bulk to your phone but it makes sure that it will not deter your other usability and nothing can stop you being functional with this battery casefor Note 9.

3. Zerolemon Battery 10000 mAh Case for Galaxy Note 9

In preventing yourself from next low battery warning again, ZeroLemon will be boon for you. No wonder, it is powered with 10000 mAh battery so its ultra power will keep your phone fully juiced up while traveling. The 200 % extra battery means that you can use the phone for 2 days if you are using your phone excessively for calling or net surfing or watching videos. The design of this battery case for Note 9 is impressive featured with rubberized material finish for anti-slip. The phone is useless without battery so this ZeroLemon will safe option for you in all the way. No problem in handling speaker’s audio quality as it is precisely designed to boost its function. The accurate cutouts ensure freedom to use your phone as if without cover. 4 LED colors are available for the indication of the battery levels charging status. You can charge the phone without removing the case. There are so minor drawbacks though this is great Galaxy Note 9 battery case as well as decent protective case.

4. RUNSY battery Case for Galaxy Note 9

RUNSY is empowered with decent battery backup 6500 mAh and yet so slim design. The exclusive colors and design you can get in this battery case for Note 9. There is no compromise in this battery case if your usability is excessive but you can be fully assured that it will not ditch you on the go. This comes in $ 50 which is not unreasonably expensive though great all around option. The cuts-out ensures ease of use to all the available button, camera, ports and jacks. Full comfort to use as the texture of this battery case is suitable for your daily wear and tear. Super fast charging and built in short circuit and no over-charging and over-heating. Easy to install or remove but no use of removing it often.

5. ND SMart Battery case for Galaxy Note 9

You can constantly use phone without having any fear of battery dead. This battery case from ND MART offers to Galaxy Note 9 intelligent charging solution and quick in being active. Powered with 6500 mAh Li-polymer rechargeable battery that can provide easily 120 % extra battery life. Yeah, it adds bulk bit not very burdensome as the way it works well for availing your phone extra juice. This battery case for Note 9 provides necessary protection for your phone and all openings usability is great indeed. You will have the availability of this battery case in best of the designs and colors. You will stay powerful forever when you have such battery case for your dream phone like Galaxy Note 9.

6. ZeroLemon 5500 mAh Battery Case for Galaxy Note 9

ZeroLemon is powered with 5500 mAh battery and providing 100 % extra battery backup. All the functional activities you can do with this battery case. It is good in protecting your phone from scratches, bumps, debris, stain and good drop protection too. This battery case adds no bulk and slim design looks so decent. The comprehensive design and compatible with wireless mount so you can charge this phone anywhere while driving and somewhere in office and many more. The openings and ports for the controls and volume are amazing. Available in different design and colors so it is time to choose your best. 4 LED lights indicator for battery charging status and connector also works well a screen protection is not up to the mark but decent option for your daily wear and tear.

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7. Mophie Charge Force Case with Powerstation External Battery Pack

This portable charging for Galaxy Note 9 is not a traditional battery case but more than that. If you want seamless integration with your new phone Galaxy Note 9. The different cutouts as per your phone especially around the camera and ports are available for the ease of use. This charge force case is absolutely impressive with plastic body and magnetic too. It is powered with 300 mAh battery pack to its back. It charges your phone with Qi wireless charging as a regular charging pad. You may have to compromise in its slow action than battery case. This charging case is good in defending your expensive Note 9 and can be used with many other charge station cases. This battery pack can be removed but good option for your phone all the way long. It solves all your purposes related to your phone and provides extra back up and flaunt add on features that keeps your phone go on.

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If you are getting all added functions with this Note 9 battery case then I do not think that you would ever mind added bulk to your phone. Though, most of the battery cases here enlisted that is lightweight, durable, and scratch-free with warranty so you can say all the above battery case for Note 9 is excellent enough to meet your needs in best way so far.

For the special treatment to your phone such best battery cases for Galaxy Note 9 is absolutely boon. You should not think twice in making it own as they are extra vivacious and regulate your phone in all great manners. You do not mind extra juice and even an extra fully charged phone is going to struggle to get them through the day as you must know with time everyone is becoming gadget freak. There is lot of options to avail like music, videos watching, net surfing and gaming is another solid reason that drains your battery fast. This is where you think that the battery backup is the backbone of the phone so the battery cases come in handy. So, gets your Galaxy Note 9 battery case to keep your phone going until you get home.

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